Praxis School

Full-Time Package

For Full-Time Students

Become a part of the distinguished Praxis Online community of academic students. Thrive in a vibrant, virtual, and interactive society, whereby participation and engagement between both teacher and student are key. Offering a fully structured timetable, with live lessons from 7:45 am – 14:15 pm daily, including attending morning assemblies. Praxis Online School strives to offer you the best quality of education possible, without the hassle and anxiety of physically attending school. We operate exactly as a normal school does, except it is done via an online platform. You will have access to highly qualified teachers whom you may interact with, and world-class lessons from the comfort of your own home. We aim to have a maximum of just fifteen students per class, hence providing you with undivided attention and exclusive support. Additionally, all of the live classes that you attend, will be recorded and be made accessible for revision purposes. Over and above receiving support from teachers and facilitators, you will also receive additional support specifically with Mathematics, via the Mindspark programme, which is included in the fees. Let us not forget our Access Points, which are based nationwide. You will have access to these campuses should you wish to use them at any point in time. Our Access Points have full Wi-fi capability and make use of an on-site supervisor.

Grade 7

R 3 200.00

per month

Grade 8-10

R 3 600.00

per month

Extra-Curricular Activities Available For All Praxis Students

 • Apply for our enhanced curriculum as we offer Tertiary Courses to support 21st Century skills such as 

  • Software Training in CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
  • 3D Design Blender Basics
  • Premier Pro
  • Adobe multimedia creation and editing

• Enrol for the President’s Award

  • This is an internationally recognised programme which exists to equip persons between the ages of 14-24 to succeed in life and work. This award also counts towards high school leaving certificates, resume’ building as well as points for admission to tertiary institutions. Our enrolled students may enquire with any of the admissions staff for further details and pricing.